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How do you choose the right lights for your premises?

If this question has baffled you, here are some things you should keep a look out for:

  • Choose a lamp or light that matches your interior decoration
  • The lamp must suit the overall setting at your premises. For example, if you have expensive leather furniture, a chandelier would enhance the decor. But if your setting is casual with cushions and color contrasts, a Japanese stand lamp will be a great asset.
  • Ceiling height plays a vital role in determining the type of light you choose. A chandelier’s magnificence is enhanced on a high ceiling. Low ceilings look best with recess lights, down-lights or ceiling flush lights.
  • If you want to create a touch of luxury and elegance to your premises, diffuse lights work wonders.
  • A bathroom and bedroom are very private areas of the dwelling. To enable you to be totally relaxed, opt for luminescence.
  • Chandeliers and lamps too bright during parties or romantic evenings? Enjoy different levels of brightness at different times – dimmer control can be used to adjust brightness.
  • If you love pictures on your walls, get a picture light to illuminate that favourite painting. The effect is superb when the light is reflected!
  • Outdoor lights have specific functions. Some lights illuminate the name and number of the premises. Others render a soft glow to the garden. Importantly, it must blend with the landscaping.